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Thomas Patrick

A great resource for you the job seeker.

Hi Everyone!I wanted to spend some time today telling you about an excellent resource being made available to you here at Bio Careers...I am speaking of the Bio Careers “Virtual Job Summit”, which kicks off February 1st, 2012. Here is the link to register:



Aggressive Asian

As an undergraduate, I was once interviewed by a female (Caucasian) professor who exclaimed mid-interview that she’d never before “met such an aggressive Asian woman!” I was flabbergasted by her comment and was not sure how to interpret it.Had I impressed or disappointed her with my goals and ...


Thomas Patrick

Because an updated CV isn’t enough.

Hello All!I am a firm believer in doing little things each day that add up. Whether it’s acquiring a new skill, or fulfilling a personal goal, the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.In the realm of job search, it’s what you do over time WHILE YOU ARE EMPLOYED that will help you if...


Thomas Patrick

“Changes aren’t permanent, but change is”

Another holiday season is upon us, and an all – too – familiar scenario plays out…another company picks this time of year to announce “changes”…changes, restructuring, rightsizing, downsizing, whatever they call it, for the coming year.The specific scenario that I want to address is when...



4 Ways to Gain Confidence Before Your Job Interview

Want to breathe easier and look like a winner in your next job interview?  In the video below, I’ll give you 4 tips for projecting confidence in any job interview situation.  You can have a great interview if you use these tips for preparation, attitude, and presentation. Check out thes...


Thomas Patrick

“Getting over yourself is the hardest part”

Hello everyone!As I write this, it is the midst of the Thanksgiving holiday. During one of the many gatherings I was fortunate enough to be invited to, I had the chance to talk with a fellow who said he wanted to change careers, for both personal and financial reasons. His exact words: 



What’s new at the Bio Careers Virtual Job Summit?

Our third Virtual Job Summit opened on August 1st for research of employer booths.  Through October 2nd, you can go to the Employers Hall, research the employers and their open positions, and sign up for Video Chat. 



The PostDoc Search

After gathering pieces of advice from various people over the last several weeks, I’ve finally started emailing faculty members. I updated my CV, and then wrote a two-page summary of my research experience that explains my contributions to the publications listed on my CV. I also checked with seve...


Thomas Patrick

As a matter of fact, one size does NOT fit all

Hello everyone!One of my recruiter friends sent me the following cover letter she received with a recent CV submission. Knowing my approach to such things, she thought I would like to have it as a teaching tool... Here it is, in its entirety: Dear Sir or Madam:At this time, I am seeking a chall...



The Hot Word Today

Information seems to be the hot word today. It’s one of those slippery concepts that exists in a somewhat definable way in mathematics and science – particularly in information theory – but it is a hot item with or without a precise way to define it. Just look at finance, media, or a zillion o...