Networking: how to do it and why it is so important!

If you are one of the lucky graduate students or postdocs, you have actually been told that it is a good idea to network, or you have eventually figured it out yourself. Fortunately, more and more Universities now have career development teams, postdoc committees and other resources available t...



I got a job!

Two weeks after my contract at Edgenuity officially ended, I have a new job offer in hand. I don’t want to be laying down platitudes about the right way to look for a job, because:-this job offer was 4 months in the making.-I never actually applied for this job.-I got this job because my old manag...



The new job, negotiation and 2 weeks notice

In my previous instalment, I talked about the process of getting an interview for my position as a lab manager, my interactions with prospective bosses, and the offer I got. Today, I'll talk about when the offer was made, how and when I told my former lab, and how I got to where I am after the inter...

Lauren Celano


Life takes time – Part 1: Hiring Seasons

Just like the ocean waves, hiring is a process with peaks (fall and spring) and troughs (summer and winter). Certainly, some hiring occur during the troughs, but fewer than the peaks.  During the slower periods, I advise people to actively set aside time to self-reflect. Consider what you want,...


Thomas Patrick

Just Say No

Hello everyone! This can be a hot topic, so understand that the opinions I am about to lay out are mine and mine alone. I don’t speak for the Five O’Clock Club on this, nor do I speak for Bio Careers. At a recent conference for career professionals where I was teaching a workshop, I wa...



The Long Engagement: Waiting to Hear Back After the Interview

The New York Times published a graphic,  the Beveridge Curve on March 6, 2013, noting that there is  “A Shift Toward Higher Job Vacancy Rates.” The New York Times Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics.The Beveridge Curve compares the job vacancy rate with the unemployment rate.  ...



Practice makes perfect: showcase your skills during interviews

All those hours spent researching for your thesis introduction…All the time it takes to prepare presentations for lab meetings…All the effort required just to summarize results and draft conference abstracts…Is it all worth it??



The Responsibility of Employing Others

When I moved into my administrative role, one of the first things I needed to do was hire a teaching assistant for the summer.  It hadn’t occurred to me that I would play a significant role in the process as other than briefly meeting interviewees I had never previously been involved.  T...


Thomas Patrick

The biggest myth of job search

Hello everyone!There is one piece of conventional job search wisdom that I hear constantly that drives me crazy, especially when it comes from “job search professionals” who should know better.Specifically, I am talking about the conventional wisdom that says: in job search, “you gotta sell yo...


Thomas Patrick

Actors do it, so should you

This week I would like to talk about some very effective things that will help you do better when talking to people during your job search: Preparation and RehearsalPreparation is simply thinking ahead….thinking of how you can answer questions such as “why have you been looking for work thi...